Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Assemble the Party Favor Box from the new Monster Bash cartridge

I love solving Cricut puzzles! This is tutorial for anyone frustrated with the "Spooky Favor Boxes" from the Cricut Project Center OR any Party Favor Box from the new Monster Bash cartridge or the Raven Box (sold separately), which is what is pictured here.

(1) Start by scoring and folding everywhere the tic-marks indicate: this will help tremendously with the assembling of the box. 
Score the box along the tic marks.
Fold the box along the scorelines.

(2) Fold the sides of the box and attach the tabs to the flat edges of the box make a rectangular-looking cylinder.
First tab attached.
Second tab attached to form the box (rectangular cylinder)

(3) Take the U-shaped piece and fold it down. 
It won't stay down but it will eventually.

(4) Take the two pieces that look like hook-shaped pieces and fold them down, placing the tab/hooks under the sides of the U. 
First one side...
Then the other (sometimes the first side will pop out; just push it back in)
They should fit perfectly under the sides of the U-shaped side.

(5) Finally take the triangle-with-a-tab shape and push it through the rest of the U shape. 
The key is getting that tab under the U-shaped piece.
It's all right if you end up pushing the other pieces down into the box with it. If this happens, just flip the box over and reach into the open side of the box and then push all the pieces so they connect and lay flat (using your other hand or a table as support for the bottom). 

If you've done it correctly, the bottom of the box should look like two trapezoids touching with two triangles on the sides of those trapezoids. 

(6) Tape this bottom to keep the bottom pieces in place. 

(7) Now take the 4 tabs at the top of the open flaps
and fold them so they're facing out/away from the box. 
Do this on all four sides.
Once you've done that, you can fold the whole flap over and into the inside of the box (the small tab will provide support at the bottom, the rest of the flap provides support for the sides of the box). 
You can see the small flaps provide a base/support.

The box portion is finished!

(8) Now assemble the lid by scoring and folding as indicated by the tic-marks.
You can put something behind the cut-out image--like colored paper or acetate--or leave it open; it's your choice.
(9) Glue each tab under the 2 flaps. 

It's Done!
(10) Put candy or treats in the box and then put on the lid. 

Here's the video tutorial of this:

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